Friday, April 27, 2012

3.7 Million Students Taxed More For Other Students Tuition

President Barack Hussein Obama tweeted earlier today that he is making college more affordable in many ways, one of which is "double funding for Pell Grants." But is it helpful to students to be taxed by the government and then given back that money, as a gift of sorts, for the schooling that many times is too expensive regardless?

Perhaps President Obama could lower gas prices, allowing students to pay less for gas and more on college tuition. Or perhaps President Obama could stop using tax dollars (paid by college students) to travel and indirectly campaign for the next election. Maybe it is possible that President Obama could take fewer vacations and play less golf on the tax payers (college students) dime. Thus, giving struggling college students more money for their college tuition. These are a few ideas that could be a partial solution to the rising prices of higher education.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

If I Wanted America To Fail

Disney's The Muppets Not So Innocent

Disney's The Muppets, starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams is a very average film. While just my opinion, due to the fact that I am an adult not prone to kids movies, the political aspect of the film was very interesting. The Muppets movie made several attacks on the rich, Texans, oil companies and Capitalism. However I don't think that these political puppets thought about their movie script before they started filming because it was written and produced by rich people, like Jason Segel (Screenwriter and actor of the film), who made money off of the movie, which is the definition of Capitalism. The villain of the film, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), sets out to purchase the old Muppets studio so that he can drill underneath the studio for oil. But why does the left get angry with oil companies for making money? They don't think its fair that someone should make that much money when there are people in the world that don't make that much money. But at the same time The Muppets made a net profit of 241.6% ($108,700,699). So while the creators of The Muppets are propagandizing our children, they believe that rich people, Texans, who make money off of oil, are evil, villainous, thieves who don't care about the everyday lives of everyday people. I give The Muppets two out of ten stars. While the film was well directed and professionally done there are too many pointless political gains directed to the innocent eyes and ears of our children.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who Is Attacking Kirk Cameron?

News Busters tweeted earlier today that "Former Child Celebrities" are attacking Kirk Cameron in a video by Funny Or Die. The attack is attributed to an interview of Cameron by Piers Morgan. When Kirk said he believes marriage is, by definition, between one man and one woman the left freaked but after viewing the interview hosted by Piers Morgan I found Cameron to be very polite and kind despite what he believes. Further more, the Former Child Stars were rude, crude and seemingly ignorant. On top of that, I can honestly say I have never heard of a single one of these "Celebrities." The point of this supposedly humorous video is that Kirk Cameron is mean and unreasonable when he says that marriage was designed by God for one man and one woman but by the end the video Cameron is referred to as a "dick." Sounds like these Libs need a taste of their own medicine.